Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Look Your Best

Last summer, my mom and I were joking about someone who, how do I say this, was not looking her best.  I mean truthfully, I should've taken a picture and sent it to peopleofwalmart.  Mom told me I should teach a class about fashion and invite this person.  Well, that never happened but I guess Mom told someone else that I could teach a fashion class and lo and behold on Tuesday I'm doing just that.  For those of you who can't make it, I'll give some of the info here.

First, I decided to come up with something catchy to remember to organize my thoughts.  It is "You can be a Chic Fabulous Fashionita using Color, Focus, and Fit.

Chic also stands for Color.  When I was in high school, my mom borrowed a copy of "Color Me Beautiful" and it changed my life.  My sisters, Mom, and I were all figuring out each others seasonal coloring.  I remember we got down to 2 colors and we were looking all over the house for items that we could drape in front of me.  We finally found a pretty yellow dress of my sisters and an ugly green suitcase.  Yep, you guessed it I looked better in the ugly suitcase.  It was at that moment that I learned that I was an autumn and my life changed.  Do a quick search on the internet and you will find lots of sites that will help you discover your seasonal colors if you don't know them already.  And, as you age, your coloring changes so you might need to re-evaluate.

Throughout high school, if I didn't feel like going to school, I would put on a black shirt and go tell Mom I wasn't feeling well.  She would look at me, say, "you do look pale" and send me back to bed!  Then, I could have my "Ferris Bueller Day."  It works the other way, too.  I know one of my very best colors is a dark peacock blue.  I like to wear that on special dates and stuff to get more attention.
Please don't laugh, black really is NOT my color!
Teal is a much better color for me!
Now, once you know what your color season is, the next step is to pick about 3 colors to build your wardrobe around.  Too many color choices is overwhelming.  When you pick just a few, items will mix and match with ease.  It would be best to have one of those 3 colors a neutral.  The neutrals go with anything!!  They are black, brown, tan, khaki, navy, white, grey, denim.  My 3 colors are brown, teal, and green.  Since I've been doing this for years, now I have a few more colors (tan, orange green).

Now you know how to look CHIC, tune in next time to learn how to look Fabulous and like a Fashionista!


  1. I remember that book! Black is not my color either which is a tad unusal for a blonde. Although wearing black does have it's time and place (besides getting out of school) since it helps hide you in the dark.

  2. you have to hide in the dark often, Elizabeth? Are you really a spy?