Monday, September 2, 2013

Hollywood and Movies Style Classroom, part 2

This is part 2 of my classroom decorations for Hollywood and Movies.  Please see Part 1 here.

We made it through our first week of school.  I'm still adding some final touches to my room but it's mostly done, finally.

I have a rectangle shaped room.  Above the window I put The Jett Pack in clapboard letters.  I actually found a free font and then cut it out on my electronic cutter.  Beside and below the window is "A Star Is Born."  I took pictures of all my students (mostly on Meet the Teacher night) wearing sunglasses and the girls got to wear a boa.  I printed the pictures in black and white with their names and birthdates like a real "headshot," mounted it on black construction paper and then laminated it.

The other side of the long wall, I hung a few little decorations and some old movie posters.

The back wall actually has my leftover bulletin board from last year.  Shhh!  Don't tell anyone.  I ran out of time and it still went with the theme....  I also found my movie posters from one of the all time greatest movies, "The Wizard of Oz" to put all over the room.

Here's the Cowardly Lion by my movie reel clock.

I have a beam going across half of my ceiling.  I found the Hollywood banner at a party supply store.

I have a little entrance area where I put another party store find.  The kids love walking through the stars.

Thanks for checking out my 2nd grade classroom.  I had fun creating it.