Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hollywood and Movies Style Classroom, Part 1

Two years ago, I decided to try a themed classroom and I loved it.  I had so much fun with my nifty-fifties class.  But, it was time for a change.  What should I do?  I considered several options and finally decided on a Hollywood or Movies theme.

This first picture is my clock.  I took a trashcan, turned it upside down and traced it on a piece of white poster board for the large circle.  I traced a frisbee for the inside circle.  Then, I just started to free draw the gears.  I found black and silver spray paint, headed outside and gave it a light coat.  The "film" is just brown butcher paper that I added a few lines and dashes to.  I love how I was able to staple it to the wall with dimension.

Next, is my... wait stop.... don't laugh... my school doesn't have smart boards.  We have "flannel graph".  Seriously, the red is felt and I have felt cut outs that I can stick to the board.  I wanted black felt but couldn't find any at the local Walmart and wasn't ready to drive 50 miles to a fabric store when I had red felt left over from last year.  I left the space blank to hang posters on things we are studying or to use my felt animals while teaching Math, etc.  The words were cut out with my electronic cutter.

The job chart was a lot of fun to think up and make.  Each job is written on a directors chair (all cut out with my electronic cutter).  The stars with the students have velcro dots and will be moved each week.  The jobs include:  assistant director (teacher's helper), gaffer (turns on and off lights), craft services (lunch helpers), and more.  My favorite is:  Assistant to Mr. Tribble.  Tribble is our class guinea pig.

Here are the days of the week just typed up with a free font called Showtime.  The parenthesis make the lights wrap around.

These are the months of the year that I found on TeachersPayTeachers for free.  Here is the link.

I looked at a bunch of teacher's rules, borrowed a few ideas and then put them all together.  My rules are "Walking the Red Carpet"  The rules spell out STAR.  The consequences are Take 1, Take 2, Take 3, and Cut.

Here is the back of my filing cabinet with each child's name on a star and a place for them to move their star's down if they break a rule.  There are magnets on the back of the stars.  I cut out the stars on my electronic cutter and the clapboards were bought in a pack from Dollar Tree.

Here is my big window.  It's kinda hard to see but the fabric is a silky teal and has black fringe around the edges.  (Thanks to my mom for sewing on the trim while I was so busy getting everything ready.)

School starts in the morning.  I still have a few more plans for the room and a few things I've done since I took these pictures.  So, stay tuned for part 2 of my Hollywood Movies Theme Classroom.