Friday, March 28, 2014

Teacher of the Year!!! Flower Door and More

Whoo-hoo!  I won the Picayune/Tribune Locals Love Us Teacher of the Year for Marble Falls 2014!  I am so honored and excited.  I have no idea who all nominated/voted for me.  To all who did, a great big heart felt thank you.

 I didn't want to come back to school after spring break.  I had a bad attitude that Monday and it wasn't the best of days.  So, on Tuesday, I decided to give myself an attitude check and do something creative, artsy, and inspiring.  So, I decorated my door. 

My classroom door decorated for spring.
Each flower is different and 3D.  The tallest flower encircles the window on my door.  The bright pink flower with the yellow center is strips stapled into loops.  The other bright pink was made from extra strips held together with a brad in the center and then curled around a pencil.  The purple flower was made by fringing the edges.  My students told me I had to add a Texas Bluebonnet.  The purple rose near the bottom was made by one of my student M.  The bright yellow flower on the right was made by student W. 

It did the trick!  I am back and ready for school.  In fact, I've been inspired.  My class in the past 2 weeks has gone on 2 field trips (eye doctor and police department), we've had guest (2 policemen), we've dipped candles, had a tea party and several other memorable activities that I believe will help them to retain the things that they are learning.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Scrapbooking for Spring Break

Yea!  It's Spring Break!  The time all teachers are thankful to be out of the classroom and get a little rest and relaxation.  It's been awhile since I've worked on my scrapbooks so I decided this would be a perfect time to give it a go.

My scrapbook pages are different from most of the examples you find on the internet and on books.  Those focus mainly on the decorations.  Years and years ago, I was a Creative Memories consultant and one thing we taught was simplicity and to put the focus on the pictures.  Also, when I started scrapbooking, I was on a really tight budget and I would always try to get as many pictures as possible on a page to help save money.  My style of scrapbooking does keep evolving but I find I'm always trying to place the most focus on the pictures and place lots of pictures on the page. 

Here are four pages that I have completed so far.  All my albums are just in chronological order and I'm a about four years behind.  On this first page, I went a bit fancier and more girly and tried out a "new to me" technique that I saw Heidi Swapp do on MyCraftChannel on YouTube (Sorry, I don't remember which video it was to post the link.)  The new thing is the folded paper in the bottom right hand corner.  I just messily accordion folded paper (not card stock) and stuck it down.  Her video also mentioned using more of your own handwriting, even for titles so I did the title myself.

On my second page, I had one picture that was a little dark and I wanted to draw attention to my son in the picture.  So, I cut out an oval of my son, then a slightly larger oval to draw your eye to him.  I stamped the bikini at the bottom and added texture to it's mat card.  The title is handwritten and if you look closely, I went back and added little dots all the way around each letter.  But, truth be told, I only posted this page because I can't believe I actually fit into a bikini back then.  

This next page was super simple.  I just used pre-cut borders and added my title and journaling box.  This time I stamped the title.  


And finally, this last page was fun but took a bit longer.  I handcut the teeth, mouth, etc.  I wrote out the title and added a bit of inking to give it texture.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

I should probably go back and do some more journaling.  I mean telling the story, that's what it's all about.   Well, I have more pages to scrap, so I'll sign off my blog.  Happy Spring Break, everyone!