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Homecoming Mums

Well, this year I planned to make a mum for both my son's to give to their dates, make both of them garters, and a mum for myself since I'm now teaching at the middle school.  But, life happens.  I got one mum made.  I still used my frugal techniques from last year.  Read all about it here.

*Edit:  So, tonight after the Homecoming Parade, I decided to go home and make myself a mum.  I've added those pictures at the bottom. 

I still had leftover ribbon from last year and I buy ribbon whenever I see it on sale throughout the year.  I found a few unusual ribbons in the clearance section at my craft store that give the mum a one of a kind look.  I also re-used a few ribbons from my son's garter from last year.

I'm just going to add some details with the pictures.  Please comment if you have any questions.

And now, for my mum.  Since I'm a teacher, I decided to only put 18 inch ribbons on my mum vs. the 36 inch ribbons that the high school girls have on their mums…