Saturday, December 21, 2013

How a Cookie Scoop and a Plastic Zipper Bag Changed My Life

It all started back in high school when I would go over to my best friends house.  Her mom made the most wonderful cookies.  I mean what were these things?  They didn't taste at all like the cookies you cut off the roll that I made.  They weren't like the burnt things my older sisters used to make and let me have.  These were cinnamony deliciousness like no other.  The were called "Snickerdoodles."  I don't know if my friend and her mom were tired of me coming over and eating all their cookies or what but, they gave me the recipe.  Every year since then, at Christmas I make a batch of Snickerdoodles.

Yummy Snickerdoodles fresh from the oven.

Why just at Christmas, you ask?  Well, they are just too much darn work.  They rate right up there with ginger people and sugar cookie cutouts.  First, you mix up the ingredients, then you roll the dough up in a ball, then you roll the ball in a bowl of cinnamon-sugar to coat, then bake.  This dough is VERY sticky.  When you try to roll it up, it gets all over your hands and you become a big sticky mess.  Then, you take the ball in your sticky hand and dip it in your cinnamon-sugar bowl and roll it around.  I would eat probably a 1/4 cup of batter that got stuck to my hands between every cookie sheet full.  Yes, I would wash my hands after all that licking but it was a major pain.

Last year, I discovered the COOKIE SCOOP!  One of the best inventions ever!  Now, to make my balls of dough, I just scooped, and squeezed the handle; voila!  Last year was so nice.  A few months ago, I was playing on Pinterest and read through instructions for Easy Monkey Bread.  Do you know what they did?  They dropped balls of monkey bread dough into a plastic zipper bag of cinnamon-sugar and shook the bag to coat the bread. all the balls at the same time!  Wow, if you could do this with monkey bread, I had to try it with my snickerdoodles.  Alas, I can't put the whole batch of dough balls in because they are way too sticky but I can do about 6 at a time.  Now I scoop, squeeze, shake, and put the coated balls on my cookie stone.  It's quite remarkable really.  I might even make more than one batch this Christmas.  Or, I might make some snickerdoodles at another time of the year.  I know this is crazy talk, but this is how a cookie scoop and a plastic zipper bag have changed my life.
Just drop the balls of dough into the bag.
Shake the bag.

Place cinnamon-sugar coated balls on cookie stone or sheet.
For those of you who have known these secrets and didn't tell me, shame on you.  Oh, what?  You want the snickerdoodle recipe now?  Hmmm... I don't know.  I mean it's not my original recipe.  It belongs to Mrs. Cunningham.  I'll tell you what.  If I get 10 new followers (follow by email or join this site) to my blog and 15 people who comment on this page.  I'll give you the recipe.