Saturday, February 13, 2016

Box of Sunshine Care Package for my College Boy

My oldest is away at college for the first time.  I've been in denial for awhile but, I guess my baby is growing up.  I am way - way proud of him, too.  He may not remember this but when he was really little and a when he was a baby, I would sometimes sing, "You Are My Sunshine" to him as a lullaby.  He was always my "Sunshine" and his brother was my "Turtle Dove".  Anyway, when I saw all the ideas on Pinterest for sending a box of sunshine, I couldn't resist.  These are not new or original ideas, do a search and you will see lots of people have done something similar. 

First, I painted the inside of a box yellow.  I've never painted the inside of a box for a care package before and I just loved the way it turned out!  I may paint every box for now on.  I wrote out the words, "You Are My Sunshine" on the inside of the lid in white paint.  It was too hard to see so I went back over and added a black marker.

Next I collected a whole bunch of yellow things.  He's in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, so he's not allowed to have a whole lot of stuff in his hole (Corps talk for dorm room).  I can tell you the Dollar Tree was my friend for this. 

Items included:
  • juicy fruit gum
  • post it notes
  • hi-lighters
  • lemonade packets for his water
  • disinfecting wipes,
  • chocolate chips in a yellow box
  • golden oreos
  • minion bandaids
  • yellow phone charger cord
  • lays potato chips
  • yellow smiley face pen
  • yellow balloons
  • homemade banana cake
  • yellow pre-stamped envelopes with one already addressed to Mom
  • carmex chapstick

Then, I added yellow tissue paper and added yellow caution tape to the outside and sent the package on it's way.  I hope it "brightened" his day!