Sunday, February 19, 2017

Studio Craft Room Tour

Last summer, I totally updated and revamped my studio or craft room.  I like calling it my studio because that sounds so much more fancy.  Here is the video of the updated space.  Keep reading if you would like more information and want to see the before pictures.  Originally, I planned to show all the before, during, and after footage in the video but that would take too long so the video is just the after.

My room was once a porch that was converted to a sun room.  There were no electrical outlets and only a porch light on the wall.  I used extensions cords plugged into other rooms.  My wonderful hubby helped me by adding a ceiling light (light was cheap from IKEA) and giving me an outlet.

The one wall has exterior siding and a window into my son's bedroom.  Around two edges at the top, you see the rafters (or whatever that's called). I thought about covering it up but to add sheet rock at that angle would be difficult and probably not turn out great.  So, I used them to my advantage and I'm hanging decorations from them.

The old ceiling had once had a leak and the sheetrock tape was hanging down.  After repairing the ceiling, I painted it sky blue and added puffy white clouds. This was from paint that I already had so it really didn't cost me anything.

About 10 years ago, we bought and installed laminate floors throughout most of the house but we never got around to installing them in my studio.  The flooring had been stacked under furniture for years.  We installed the floors and it transformed the room.  Cost - well nothing now, we paid for it 10 years ago.

I am the only female in my household and I love the color pink.  So, I finally got my own pink room.  I love my pink room and it only cost a can paint.

One day last spring, I went in to Hancock Fabrics while they were having their going out of business sale.  I bought pink polka-dot fabric not knowing how I wanted my curtains but knew I wouldn't find that price again.  I ordered white pom-pom balls off Amazon and received a ton for much lower than it would cost at the fabric store. I wanted to make rufflely roman shades but I failed.  The shades/curtains are still a work in progress but they still beat the old gross vertical blinds that kept falling down.

I planned to organize and label everything and make it look beautiful.  Well... life gets in the way.  I can't live in a museum but I can find my supplies and I have a place to work that makes me happy.

Overall, the whole remodel cost about $100. (If you don't count the trip to minor emergency after I dropped the filing cabinet on my hand.)
Before picture of my work area. I added white contact paper to the top of the table and pink duct tape around the edges.

Before - I need to organize and declutter.

Before - I stored a bunch of stuff on the floor because I didn't have any room.  I love the new cart that I got from IKEA to hold supplies.

Before - Ugly vertical blinds.

Everything cleaned out and ready to start working!