Monday, February 4, 2013

Clothing Crafts

I have a category on Pinterest set up as clothing crafts.  Which is a little crazy since I really don't sew.  I mean, I know how, I suppose.  But, I don't have much patience and I'll never sew as well as my mother so...

Anyway, last weekend I was feeling especially crafty and pulled out my old black Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  I set up the antique machine right in front of my computer monitor so I could scan Pinterest while sewing.  It was really pretty interesting seeing the old and new next to each other.

I decided I wanted to try to make something out of t-shirts.  I looked in our give aways, and asked hubby if he had any old t-shirts and found 3 red shirts.  I made this skirt.  It is a fine line between cute and a hot mess.
First, I sewed 2 shirts together to get the length I wanted.  Then, I cut the other shirts into strips, and started sewing them on.  I cut without worrying about measuring and I sewed mostly straight but no pins or anything.  At the end, I had to had a few extra strips to cover up sewing lines.  The ruffles are cute but very random and not hemmed.  Then, I made a casing in the top, put in some elastic, and wore it to teach in the next day.

But, wait there's more.  I was on a roll.  So, I decided to rip apart an old boxy bulky pullover sweater.  I cut it down the front, cut off the mock turtleneck, and cut the sleeves to my elbows.  Then, I hemmed everything.  I didn't know how it would work being a knitted sweater.  I haven't washed it yet but it lasted through a day of wearing it.  Last of all, I held it together with an antique broach.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Presents

Wow, it's already February and I'm finally blogging about Christmas.  I didn't want to blog before Christmas because I didn't want some of the people I was making gifts for find out before I gave them to them.  But, I really didn't mean to wait until February before I blogged it.  Where does the time go?

This Christmas I made fluffy scarves for some of the girls in my family.  I got the idea from Pinterest at this website by the Frugal Gals. They turned out really cute.  I meant to take pictures of all the different ones worn by the family members but, oops! It didn't happen.  Here is one of my nephews who picked up his mom's and put it on.

Some of the girls also got Candy Cane Sugar Scrubs which I also found on Pinterest.  Here are 2 websites that gave me inspiration, TheIdeaRoom and JacolynMurph.
Finally, one of my nieces is really into a Disney show called Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  My niece wanted a costume from the girl character, Izzy.  First of all, let me say that Izzy has the worse pirate costume I've ever seen.  She doesn't have a sword, a hook hand, an eye-patch, a parrot, or anything piratey.  But, I looked at her costume and challenged myself.  I made this Izzy pirate shirt out of a t-shirt.  First, I cut the sleeves in a scallop, then added elastic to make them poofy.  Then, I cut the bottom in a larger scallop and added elastic.  Finally, I cut the neck out, made a casing, and threaded a ribbon in to make it look a bit more piratey than a t-shirt neck. 
I bought her a bandana for her head, gave her some bangle bracelets, which she wore with purple leggings and boots she already owned and a fairy dust bag that her grandmother had already made her.  She turned out to be a very cute pirate.