Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Look Your Best, Part 3

Today is the 3rd part of this topic.  Go here to see day 1.  And here is day 2.

Today in learning how to become a Chic Fabulous Fashionista by using Color Focus and Fit, we move on to Fashionista and Fit.

Fit is oh so very important.  Your clothes should fit you.  They shouldn't be too tight or too loose.  Most clothing should touch your skin without pulling too much.  Many times we hide in big baggy clothes thinking that it hides our fat but what it really does is makes people think you are actually as big as the baggy clothes.

You should dress the body you have now.  Don't wait to lose weight.  In fact, dressing your body now will give you more confidence so that dropping the weight will be easier.  You don't have to spend a lot of money, either.  Shop thrift stores, etc. and splurge on accessories that look great now and will look good after you get your body to your goal size.

You want to create an hourglass, look for 2 C's on each side of your body at your waist.  Emphasize the narrowest parts (waist, empire waist, skinny part of leg, etc.)  And, please do not wear big squares.  I don't like to label people by body shape by calling them by a fruit or a letter or anything.  But, you know your body, emphasize the good parts and balance out the not so good parts by adding the illusion of more curves.

For example, if you have large hips and a small chest, balance things out by wearing a blouse with ruffles or some other detail to draw the eye up.  If you have a large chest, wear a V neck or a long scarf or necklace to break up the chest.

We all want to look long and lean and in proportion.  One hint, do not let your tops or jackets go down past your crotch.  This will help your legs look longer.

Pants and skirt lengths should end at skinny parts of your leg, usually right around your knee.  Be very wary of capri's that end at the fattest part of your calf, not very flattering.  Long pants should touch your foot and continue around your heel at the same length.  You can NOT wear the same pants with heels and flats.  Pick one pair of pants that you will always wear with heels and hem them longer than the pair you always wear with flats.

To help look long and lean, look for straight leg pants and pencil skirts.  These look great on most body types (as long as they are not too tight on large hips).  A line skirts that gently flow away from the waist down also look great on most body types.  Please, if nothing else, remove pleats from your life!  Pleats on pants give you a pooch at your belly!  They emphasize your belly and pleated pants should be banned forever!

If you clothes don't fit right off the rack, find a tailor.  It doesn't cost much to hem shirts and pants to a better length and they look soooo much better.  If you go to the fabric store they have this miracle product called iron on hem tape.  It's simple and easy for the non-sewer and it will last through the wash.

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