Monday, July 23, 2012

Cute Red 50's + Modern Kitchen

When we moved into the house, the kitchen was awful; dark cabinets, no dishwasher, olive green stove and vent hood, carpet on the floor, and white countertops with a harvest gold, orange, and avocado green flower design.  Can you say tacky?  And, who puts carpet in the kitchen?  Really, that's just gross!  It was one of the first things I pulled up.  I mean, at the time my boys were babies and babies make messes.  The bare sub floor with glue marks (which I just painted over) was much better until I could afford flooring.

Over the years, we've painted the walls and cabinets, we replaced the carpet with wood laminate flooring, we bought a dishwasher that you roll over to the sink to use, we got 2 new stoves and vent hood, (I placed the lid to my crockpot with the rubber edge down on my first glass top stove, when it cooled, it sucked up my stove and cracked the glass cooktop.) and I covered my counters with contact paper.  I became an expert contact paperer back in college when my roommate and I redecorated our dorm room with the stuff.  It looked so good that for years we lived with contact paper counters.  This year for my birthday, my hubby asked me if I would like new countertops.

We bought them from Ikea.  They are black with a stainless steel strip on the edge.  When removing the old ones, we realized that we couldn't re-use the sink, so I got a new sink, too.  It's an acrylic sink from Lowes with 4 holes!!!!  I was finally able to get a sprayer.  I decided I was tired of the food splattered colored cabinets on the bottom so I repainted my bottom cabinets gray.  Hubby and son installed the new counters.  They only set the smoke alarm off twice from trying to cut them to size.

I decided I wanted to update my plain white mixer.  I looked for red contact paper or sticky vinyl and none could be found in my small town.  But, while at Walmart, I found an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of red duct tape.  I bought that, used 4 different sizes of circle punches and now I have a cute red and white polka dotted mixer, made from duct tape!

So, a summary of the kitchen now after all the changes through the years:  White walls, except for the one wall which is red (this is a true bright primary red, in fact the paint color was called "Mickey's Pants."  White upper cabinets, gray lower cabinets, white stove, white microwave vent hood, white and black portable dishwasher, new white sink with new faucet, wood laminate floors, red & chrome 50's table, red and black Ikea chairs, red curtains with record albums and CD's creating a valance, red lockers from Ikea, and a polka dot mixer.

Now, I need to work up the nerve to paint the fridge.  I can't decide between gray to match the lower cabinets or red.  Please comment here to tell me what color you would paint it!