Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Nifty Fifties Classroom Part 2

 I am so lucky that I get to teach at a private Christian school.  This is the front of my room.  I wanted to find a Bible verse that fit with my fifties theme so I picked, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday & today & forever."  Hebrews 13:8

My discipline chart is based on the color system.  If you are behaving you stay on green, if you get a warning you move to yellow, blue - timeout, red - you're in big trouble.  So, to fit with the 50's, I have Space Alien Invaders.  Each child picked an alien in an UFO that have magnets on the back.  This is set up on my filing cabinet.  We don't want the aliens to invade and take over their bodies and send them to red. 

I have 10 students and I set up their desks in a horseshoe.   Each child has a homemade nametag on their desk in cursive since I'll be teaching it this year.

At "Meet the Teacher" I dressed up each child in 50's clothes and took their picture.  They are now hanging above the teal chalkboard wall.  My mom's making me curtains so I'll post this wall again when they go up.

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