Friday, August 19, 2011

My Nifty Fifties Classroom Part 1

Two weeks ago, I decided to do my 2nd grade classroom in a theme.  I decided on the 50's.  This meant no generic teacher posters from the teacher supply store.  I wanted everything to match my theme.  So, then began a bunch of work. 

But first, I asked for permission to paint one wall a bright color.  I got permission and decided on a deep teal chalkboard paint.  That paint took 4 coats!!!!!  I love the color!  Tonight my son and I tested out the chalkboard part of the wall. 

I went to a party store and got some decorations (the guitars and the rock & roll sign).  The music notes and records were cut out with my cricut. 

These ice cream sundaes for a birthday wall each have 6 layers of paper!  Wow!

The room is mostly done.  I'll try to post some more tomorrow when I'm not working on lesson plans.  I can't believe school is starting Monday!