Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wrapped Up in Christmas!

This is the seventh and last year my children will be in public school since my baby is a Senior. I homeschooled my boys during their elementary years, so teacher gifts were easy. I just went to the store and bought myself something. But now, it's a little harder. As a public school teacher myself, I know how thankless the job can feel at times. I really want to show my appreciation without breaking the bank.

For Christmas this year, I stole an idea that I've seen many times on Pinterest.  So I headed over to Dollar Tree and went shopping. I bought wrapping paper for $1/roll at Dollar Tree. I also bought a package of Christmas Gift Tag Stickers. There were 8 sheets of stickers which was perfect since I needed 8 gifts. I also bought 2 bags of ribbon with 5 little eggs of ribbon in each (leaving me with 2 extra.)
Eight rolls of wrapping paper for eight super teachers!

My faith is a big part of who I am. Christmas is a celebration of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The wrapping paper ideas that I saw on Pinterest said cute things about being stressed during the holiday and running out of wrapping paper etc. But, I wanted my gift to honor Jesus' birthday.  So I came home and created tags on my computer that I printed and cut out. My tags say: May you be "wrapped" up in the joy of the Savior's birth this holiday season! Merry Christmas! From: The Jetts" I saved the tag for you to use.

PDF of my Wrapped Christmas Tag
My tag with the message to be "Wrapped" in the joy of the Savior's birth.

I found ribbon in my stash that I probably bought at after Christmas sales in years past. I used my circle punch to make a large hole in the tag because my ribbon was quite wide and thick. I strung my big ribbon through an egg of ribbon, a sheet of tags, and my tag. Then I wrapped it around the roll of paper and tied it in a bow.
One page from the sticker book of tags.
Wrapped my ribbon through the egg of ribbon.
After wrapping the ribbon through the tags, egg of ribbon, and card, I tied it in a bow.

It was pretty simple and inexpensive. For 8 teachers, I spent $11. I hope it brightened the teachers days and let them know that they are appreciated. *I realize that a gift certificate for a massage or a liquor store would be MOST appreciated but, alas I am on a budget.
My gift.

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