Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Birthday Party in a Box

My college boy celebrated his birthday at A&M.  It was hard on this mama to not be there.  His birthday was in the middle of the week of State Testing.  As a teacher, I was not allowed to even take the day off. Ugh!  So, what's a mama to do?  Send a party in a box to one of his buddies!

First, I decorated the inside of the box with bright fun scrapbook paper and washi tape!

Next, I added party favors from Dollar Tree!  I bought hats, blowy thingys, whistles shaped like airplanes, balloons, etc. I had old leftover Bob the Tomato cups that I added.

Next, I added packets of lemonade and chocolate chocolate chip cookies!

I added a banner from Dollar Tree that says "Happy Birthday!"

Then, I added birthday confetti!

I made a banner strung across the box and taped it to the sides!

And, I mailed it to his buddy so he wouldn't just open it up in the mailroom and not share his party.

My acomplise sent me photos and a video!

His Ol' Lady (roommate in Corps speak) left after finals when this pic was taken.

Marshall celebrating his 19th B-day!

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