Monday, July 8, 2013

The Smallest Bathroom in the World

Hi, my name is Michelle and I have the smallest full sized bathroom in the world.  Sure, I know what you're thinking...

But seriously, it is.  The walls are angled so that everything fits, just barely.

This is my upstairs bathroom, the one my kids use.  Several years ago, I repainted it white with primary red, yellow, blue, and green vertical stripes.  It had a map of the world for the shower curtain and it was so cute for my little boys. 

Look at that short little mirror for toddler boys, and that plastic towel rack has seen better days.

Oh, it also has ugly brown doors.
Now, I have teenage boys.  The old shower curtain was hanging on by 3 rings and the room just needed a freshening up.  The tiles over the tub are white with avocado green flecks which makes it pretty tricky to coordinate and not look like my mother's house from the 70's.  I decided I wanted to re-paint the bathroom grey.  But, after 4 coats of Kilz primer, my family thought I had been abducted by aliens.  And, truth be told, I never do neutral so they were pretty freaked out about the grey.  Anyways, they talked me into repainting it lime green.  I had leftover lime green paint from when I painted our stairs several different bright colors, so it wouldn't cost me anything.  So, what the hey, I gave it a go!
Oh, look, the shower curtain fell down and was put back backwards.
Can you see the avocado specks in the shower tiles?

Big mistake!  The OLD lime green paint looked more like rotten lemon.  Ack!  This has to go!  So, back to my original plan of grey.  Of course, now I had to paint 2 coats over the rotten lemon.  For a bathroom this small, it should've taken a much shorter time.

Ughhhhh!  Rotten lemon in a bathroom will never do.

I bought a shower curtain off the internet.  It's just a cheapy, plastic one but that's fine with teenage boys and I love that it still lets light in from the window. 

Cute cheap shower curtain lets the light in.
Much better than rotten lemon!
I wanted artwork for the walls and I remembered I had pinned the perfect cute pictures.  When I went to find my pins, I realized that my teenage boys would not appreciate artwork with a rubber ducky saying that they need to wash their hands.... Oh, what to do.  I want to make it cute, fun, and teen-boy approved.  I started thinking about them, and what would be good for them.  I realized that who doesn't need encouragement each day and what better place to get it than the bathroom 'cause you know you'll be in there.  I asked my 14 year old to help me pick out encouraging scripture verses.  Then, I typed them up real fun, printed them off and put them in $1 frames from Dollar Tree.  I think they look FABULOUS!


  1. I like it. Nice job Michelle.

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  3. looks great! I'm glad you switched from the rotten lemon color.

    I love the framed scripture encouragement idea.

  4. The framed scriptures are very well done. I'll bet you could sell something like that pretty easily ...