Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The All Natural Face Review

A couple years ago, I had a girls weekend with some friends from high school.  A friend saw me putting on "mineral" makeup and recommended that I try The All Natural Face.  I was a little worried about ordering makeup sight unseen.  As a redhead, most makeup companies don't sell a foundation that matches my skin tone.  The one company that did, stop selling my shade.  Argh!  Usually, I have to "make do" and not look my best.  Anyway, I looked it up and you could order a sample pack of colors to try out at an insanely low price.  So I thought, why not?

My sample pack came with tons of choices but, once again there wasn't one perfect shade.  I mixed two of the samples together and voila!  I found my perfect color.  So, I placed an order and asked if I could have half one shade and half the other.  They did it!  I've been a happy camper ever since.  It's time for me to re-order and hopefully I can remember which 2 colors I use....

This spring, I decided to check out their blush.  Same thing, I ordered samples of a few shades.  This time I figured that the Peachy Rose was just slightly too light.  So, I ordered a peachy rose 10 gram jar plus a persimmon sample that I mixed at home.  And once again, I have found a color that I love!!!!  It looks just like my natural blush or sunburn. 

The products are all natural, the customer service is awesome, and the makeup looks very natural.  Try them out at http://www.theallnaturalface.com

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  1. Love her stuff! Glad it worked out for you. Plus she has sales and coupons.