Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Craft Zone

My Craft Center/Room/Studio
I'd been wanting/needing more storage space for all my craft supplies so I'd been looking but everything seemed so expensive.  (I try to craft on a budget.)  This weekend, I found a great shelving workstation on clearance, so Happy Birthday to me a little early.  It's hard to see in the picture but it's about 5 feet across, sits on my table and is taller than me.  Of course all my old craft storage is under the table and full.  (Not to mention the other side of the room!  LOL!)

Now, I know many people who have just a crafting blog where they show step by step every craft they make.  Um... don't think I'll do that but I would like to share a few.  One of the things I have really enjoyed is making cards. Most of my cards are originals but I usually use a plain black and white sketch to get inspiration. 

Here is one of my favorites cards.  Many years ago, like 20 or so, I raided an old soda machine for bottle caps and have been trying to find uses for these things ever since.  I used lace, paper, and the small wording was printed on my printer and the larger wording was made from my cutter (Yes, it's a Cricut but I'm mad at Cricut right now since they won't support 3rd party software.)

I used to be an avid scrapbooker but got a little burned out.  But, realized recently that I need to get back into it because photos are so important for our heritage.  Usually, my pages are pretty simple and focus on the pictures but every once in awhile I like to throw in a more time consuming page like this one from Galveston and what used to be the town of Gilchrist (my maiden name) that was destroyed by Hurricane Ike.  The waves and sand are torn pieces of paper with inking.  The palm tree, castle, and wording were cut out with my cutter.  ;-)

My other crafting projects depend on what's going on and what kind of mood I'm in.  Sometimes, I make jewelery.  I've been known to quickly make a pair of earring to match an outfit that I want to wear.  I have done some glass etching.  I sew costumes sometimes.  I've painted all the rooms in my house and done a little decorating.  Sometimes, my job turns into my craft when I need to make props, costumes, or scenery for a play I'm directing.  Stay tuned for more crafts in future blogs.
Glass Etching
Dress Up Clothes made for my neice.
Costume actually made by Garrett with inspiration from armor that I made him when he was little.  (Yes, he made an A on the project.)

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  1. Love it! I haven't been able to scrapbook in ages and am starting to get twitchy about it. I need to improve and/or regain my time management skills. *sigh*