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The Jett Pack 2012-2013, My 2nd Grade Classroom

It's a new year!  I am still teaching 2nd grade at First Baptist Christian School but I had to switch classrooms this year.  Unfortunately, I had to leave my chalk wall behind.  I didn't feel like re-painting one, either.  I am also teaching Performing Arts (music and drama) to the Elementary students.  I will have to travel to another room for that and I can't decorate.

The first thing I did before I moved was to pull all my books off traditional shelves, buy a ton of baskets from the $1 store and sort my library.  I had no idea how many books I had collected in just a short while.  As you can see, my overwhelmed fifteen year old son helped me sort.  I think we estimated around 700 books.  I've been back to the $1 store 3 times for more baskets!

I can't believe all the stuff in general.  Here's a before shot of half my room.

I'm still doing my nifty fifties theme but not quite as extreme.  Here is the after photo of the same area on my back wall.  The empty bulletin board is to display student work as well as the blue one with the stars in front of my computer station.  I really like having the computer monitors back to back so that the students can work without being distracted by the other computer.

Here is my desk with my fifties decorations on the wall.

I have this silly pole smack dab in the middle of my classroom.  I put my desk by it and covered it with a cheap blue tablecloth so hopefully I won't run into it on a daily basis.  It is actually my Math Goal Chart.  Each child has a rocket and when they complete a math drill page with their goal, they can move their rocket up to the next letter.  I made the rockets out of cardstock, laminated them and put Zig 2 Way Glue on them and let it sit to dry.  Now, they have repositionable stickiness on the back.  The horizontal lines are yarn tied around the pole.

 Lucky me, I only have 5 students this year.  Here is the front of the room with their desks.  The red bulletin board is covered in felt so I can use felt pieces while teaching math or I have words with sandpaper on the back that will stick, too.

I need to take a few more pictures.  I do have a closet in my room and I have turned it into a reading cave.  It's pretty cool.  I'm actually still working on creating labels for everything.  Oh, where does the time go?  I hope you enjoyed this quick trip around my room.  Please come back soon as I will post more.

Here are links to my room last year for more cute nifty fifties classroom ideas.


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