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How a Cookie Scoop and a Plastic Zipper Bag Changed My Life

It all started back in high school when I would go over to my best friends house.  Her mom made the most wonderful cookies.  I mean what were these things?  They didn't taste at all like the cookies you cut off the roll that I made.  They weren't like the burnt things my older sisters used to make and let me have.  These were cinnamony deliciousness like no other.  The were called "Snickerdoodles."  I don't know if my friend and her mom were tired of me coming over and eating all their cookies or what but, they gave me the recipe.  Every year since then, at Christmas I make a batch of Snickerdoodles. Yummy Snickerdoodles fresh from the oven. Why just at Christmas, you ask?  Well, they are just too much darn work.  They rate right up there with ginger people and sugar cookie cutouts.  First, you mix up the ingredients, then you roll the dough up in a ball, then you roll the ball in a bowl of cinnamon-sugar to coat, then bake.  This dough is VERY sticky.