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Homecoming Mum

I started researching mums and realized that they are a Texas tradition.  I always thought everyone did them.  Oh, well... the rest of the world's loss.  Back when I was in high school there were not craft stores like there are now.  Your mum was bought from a florist by your date or your parents or by your best friend.  Making them yourself was unheard of.  One year while teaching, I made myself a little mum but I so wanted to make another mum.  I love creating new things and now that I have boys in high school and one has a girlfriend, I have a chance to create a homecoming mum. In my research, I realized that you can pay more than $300 for a homecoming mum.  I'm sorry, but that is absolutely ridiculous.  I found a few websites that helped me out but now I would like to share with you how I made mine and how I saved on costs. First lets start with the ribbons.  Homecoming mums are made with cheap floral ribbon.  Unfortunately, it's hard to find if you're not bu