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Powder Your MakeUp!

Always powder any Halloween or character makeup to keep it from smearing.  You can use regular baby powder.  For an extra long lasting make up setting trick.  Spritz your face with water as the last step.

Homecoming Mums

Well, this year I planned to make a mum for both my son's to give to their dates, make both of them garters, and a mum for myself since I'm now teaching at the middle school.  But, life happens.  I got one mum made.  I still used my frugal techniques from last year.  Read all about it here. *Edit:  So, tonight after the Homecoming Parade, I decided to go home and make myself a mum.  I've added those pictures at the bottom.  I still had leftover ribbon from last year and I buy ribbon whenever I see it on sale throughout the year.  I found a few unusual ribbons in the clearance section at my craft store that give the mum a one of a kind look.  I also re-used a few ribbons from my son's garter from last year. I'm just going to add some details with the pictures.  Please comment if you have any questions. I like using a variety of plain loops and "awareness loops" around the flower.  My plain loops are purple with gold curling ribbon.  The awareness

Crockpot Freezer Cooking

 With summer winding to an end, a new job teaching a new subject and grade level, and in the middle of a bathroom remodel.  I realized I need to stock up now on healthy dinners before I'm totally worn out. I went to the store to just buy these ingredients for my freezer crockpot meals.  (Okay, yes, I also bought frozen pizza for dinner that night.) I spent quite a bit of time planning.  So, if you want, you may use my plans and save yourself a lot of time, please do.  Then, I went to the store to buy just the ingredients for my meals, and then came home and put them all in zipper bags.  Now, I have 6 healthy chicken dinners waiting for my crockpot. I wrote the name of the meal, any needed ingredients to add, and the directions on the bags before filling. I found stole most of my recipes on the internet, tweaked them a tad and here they are.  Also, instead of using cans of cream of chicken soup, I use Cream of Something Soup that I have already made up and write on the

4th of July Card

Here's a quick idea for a 4th of July, Independence Day Card.  If you don't have the embossing folders, you could cut out stars or stamp stars or something.

Inspiration for Cards

Sometimes you want to craft but your mojo is gone and you don't know what to do. Sometimes you just want to add some cards to your stock and need ideas. Here is a video with some sources of inspiration to get you going. You could use some of the ideas for other types of crafts as well.

Cleaning Rubber Stamps

Here's a quick tip to cleaning your rubber stamps using a painting pad. When the paint pad starts to get dirty, just run it under the faucet to clean the pad.

Teacher of the Year!!! Flower Door and More

Whoo-hoo!  I won the Picayune/Tribune Locals Love Us Teacher of the Year for Marble Falls 2014!  I am so honored and excited.  I have no idea who all nominated/voted for me.  To all who did, a great big heart felt thank you.  I didn't want to come back to school after spring break.  I had a bad attitude that Monday and it wasn't the best of days.  So, on Tuesday, I decided to give myself an attitude check and do something creative, artsy, and inspiring.  So, I decorated my door.  My classroom door decorated for spring. Each flower is different and 3D.  The tallest flower encircles the window on my door.  The bright pink flower with the yellow center is strips stapled into loops.  The other bright pink was made from extra strips held together with a brad in the center and then curled around a pencil.  The purple flower was made by fringing the edges.  My students told me I had to add a Texas Bluebonnet.  The purple rose near the bottom was made by one of my student M

Scrapbooking for Spring Break

Yea!  It's Spring Break!  The time all teachers are thankful to be out of the classroom and get a little rest and relaxation.  It's been awhile since I've worked on my scrapbooks so I decided this would be a perfect time to give it a go. My scrapbook pages are different from most of the examples you find on the internet and on books.  Those focus mainly on the decorations.  Years and years ago, I was a Creative Memories consultant and one thing we taught was simplicity and to put the focus on the pictures.  Also, when I started scrapbooking, I was on a really tight budget and I would always try to get as many pictures as possible on a page to help save money.  My style of scrapbooking does keep evolving but I find I'm always trying to place the most focus on the pictures and place lots of pictures on the page.  Here are four pages that I have completed so far.  All my albums are just in chronological order and I'm a about four years behind.  On this first page,

Inking the Edges in When Making Cards

I thought everyone making cards knew this but when I did a quick search on YouTube, I didn't find any.  So, enjoy learning how to ink the edges of your cardstock for use in card making and scrapbooking.

Phone Book Flowers

Special thanks to my son for his help in making my first vlog.  I hope you enjoy learning how to make cute paper flowers from your phone book.