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Crockpot Freezer Cooking

 With summer winding to an end, a new job teaching a new subject and grade level, and in the middle of a bathroom remodel.  I realized I need to stock up now on healthy dinners before I'm totally worn out. I went to the store to just buy these ingredients for my freezer crockpot meals.  (Okay, yes, I also bought frozen pizza for dinner that night.) I spent quite a bit of time planning.  So, if you want, you may use my plans and save yourself a lot of time, please do.  Then, I went to the store to buy just the ingredients for my meals, and then came home and put them all in zipper bags.  Now, I have 6 healthy chicken dinners waiting for my crockpot. I wrote the name of the meal, any needed ingredients to add, and the directions on the bags before filling. I found stole most of my recipes on the internet, tweaked them a tad and here they are.  Also, instead of using cans of cream of chicken soup, I use Cream of Something Soup that I have already made up and write on the