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Incredibly Cute & Easy Folding Chair Re-do!

A few years ago, I saw an idea to re-do old folding chairs.  I thought about it for a long time, like a year or two.  Then, I finally bought fabric to re-cover the seats...that was at least a year and a half ago.  Anyway no time like right now.  This summer, I will finish this UFO (un-finished object)! First, find your old folding chairs.  Mine were given to me by my parents who got them from a church 30 years ago.  (I only found 3 pieces of gum stuck under them.) Scout the dog is helping me!  Remove the seat cushions.  Mine just popped out! Scout is a big help! Take sandpaper and lightly sand the chairs all over.  Then wash them off real good. Start spray painting.  Use multiple light coats. Place your seat cushions on top of your new fabric.   Cut the fabric so it's slightly bigger than the seat. Pull up the edges and staple all around. For the corners, I found it looked best just to pull the fabric towards the middle and stapl

Making Mixes for Pastries

One of my projects this summer was re-stocking my mix supply.  I've never been a "health nut" but I do like knowing what ingredients are in my food.  I also like saving money vs. pre-packaged food.  However, when I'm busy I still want something quick and convenient.  So, I make my own mixes for many different things.  It only takes about an hour and then I have healthy cheap mixes ready to go for months.  Here I have mixes for Muffins, Quick Mix (for biscuits, etc.), brownies, and pancake mix.  Once I get all the ingredients out for one, I might as well make up several. I put my mixes on zipper bags, label them, and then stick them in the freezer to keep the whole wheat fresh. I use a big blue plastic bowl that was given to me for popcorn.  It's the largest bowl I have.  Since all the ingredients are dry, I just use a whisk to mix them all together. (Except for the shortening in the Quick Mix - I use my clean hands.)  I keep my most used recipes taped t

Bleach T-shirt DIY

I made this peach heart t-shirt a couple of years ago.  I remember wearing it at school (I'm a teacher) for Valentine's Day and no one commented on it.  I asked a couple of my friends finally if they liked the shirt I made and they were floored.  They just assumed that I had bought the shirt that way.  They had no idea that I had made it myself. The funny thing is that I made it from an old shirt.  I was bored one day and wanting a project without having to leave the house to buy supplies.  I looked in my closet and found the plain peach t-shirt that I hardly ever wore and decided the do something to it.  I was so pleased with the results. I just made a navy blue shirt in time for Independence Day and I video taped the instructions so you can all watch. Go look in you closet.  Do you have a plain shirt?  I'm sure you have some contact paper and bleach somewhere in your house.  Don't procrastinate!   Make something today!