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My Journey Into Bible Journaling

I have really enjoyed my visit into Bible Journaling. As I began, many of my entries have been copied straight off of Pinterest or from other sources.  A few have been original. I've started with well known verses that are easy to visualize.  But, I have enjoyed the quiet time worshipping with my hands as well as my heart.  There are some pages that turned out better than others.  I have never considered myself an artist but this is helping me to discover talents that I never knew I had.  I know they are not perfect but I hope that you can find some inspiration for your own. Here are a few of my entries.  Please feel free to copy my ideas if you would like. Matthew 6:29-34, acrylic paint, water color pencils, stamps, markers Philippians 4:13, water color, marker, stamps Psalm 23:5b, markers Hebrews 6:18, acrylic and markers John 10:27, markers, washi tape Philippians 1:6, acrylics, stickers, markers, washi tape Matthew 17:1 & 9, markers and washi