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Please visit my Lilla Rose replicated website:

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DIY Splatter Paint Flower Jeans

Here are the finished jeans! They were tons of fun to make and look super cute! Watch the video to see how I made them!

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Make Your Own Muffin Mix

Muffins are a fun, tasty, and sometimes semi healthy breakfast. There are premade mixes that you can buy at the store but don't you wish you could provide your family a delicious healthier option? Well, one that is still pretty simple to make on a hectic morning? Have no fear as I show you how to make your own muffin mix. This muffin mix can be used with the "add on" of your choice so they can be blueberry muffins, raisin muffins, pecan muffins, or my family's favorite, Chocolate Chip Muffins. I grind my own grain for whole wheat flour. Wheat starts to lose it's nutrients the second you grind it into flour so the flour you buy in the store that has been sitting on the shelf probably doesn't have many nutrients in it. Since I grind my own flour, I store my mix in the freezer. If you are using normal flour, storing it in the pantry should be just fine. Basic Muffin Mix 8 cups flour (white flour, half white - half wheat, or whole wheat pastry flour) 3

Bible Journaling Psalm 46:5 #BibleJournaling #BibleJournal #Godisinher #...

My Dream Starts an Epic Nerd Showdown.

Last night I had a very strange dream where my youngest son, Garrett, had stolen a spaceship. Chris was out of town at his parent’s house, Marshall is at college, and Garrett is deployed overseas. I sent the family a group text explaining my dream while I was getting ready for work. The texts kept coming as I was driving to work and well into my first class. They asked a few questions and then Garrett wanted to know WHY he stole the spaceship, I told him I didn’t know. And, that’s when it really started. One of the most epic Sci-Fi nerd text showdowns. I was going to try to condense but realized I needed to just post it as it came. Maybe, we let the boys watch too many movies and too much tv while growing up. Test your own nerdiness by seeing how many references you get. (Michelle is pink. Chris is grey. Marshall is blue, and Garrett is green.) I had the STRANGEST dream last night. i ght! Is this the one with the goat and the jar of peanut butter? No GARRETT